Crispy Skateboards

Crispy currently supports two Joburg skaters with skateboards, namely Nicholas Lewis and Siyabonga Mathenjwa.

Crispy Skateboards is a Joburg-based business that crafts hand-made premium skateboards. We manufacture boards for skating and collectable art decks. As a father and (three) sons business, our aim is to help grow the local skating community in Johannesburg, and further afield in SA. Founded in 2019, part of our outreach includes collaborating with local skaters and community organizations such as Girl Skate South Africa, whose aim is to create a safe space for girls to learn skateboarding. Currently we are working on the 2024 FNB Open City project (6-8 September) where we will have a collection of both art boards and commercial boards for skating on display and for sale. Crispy offers a "Create your own skateboard" course. Click below for more details.

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On a mission to make skateboarding accessible to all, Kaelik is forever forging ties with community skaters and other role players.


Finding it hard to part with each board he completes, Haroun pays specific detail to edging and shaping, sanding and finishing, he's nothing short of a perfectionist.


Inventor and problem solver, Lucian readily gets his hands dirty to get the job done.


Skateboarding is a metaphor for life, "you will definitely fall and have to pick yourself up again." At Crispy we make great decks and uplift people.