Join Crispy Skateboards for a fun day of learning to create your own skateboard.

Course details

The day starts at 10am, where you'll first watch a short demonstration of a skateboard being created from scratch, using seven layers of superior quality Canadian maple veneers glued together in the press.

An artisan skateboard maker will craft a board right before your eyes before handing you your own board to finish off.

From here you'll take over for an intensive hands-on process. For the next four hours you'll learn the art of shaping, sanding and drilling holes for trucks into your board. Next, you'll seal your board with polyurethane sealer and sand it again for a satiny, smooth-to-the-touch surface.

Now the fun really starts as you choose a graphic to give yourboard a unique custom finish. With our expert assistance, the graphic will be carefully applied to your board. You're welcome to preload your own choice of graphics, or choose from a wide variety from the Crispy library of images.

If you've selected the option of pre-ordering trucks and wheels, we'll show you how to attach these, so that you walk away after the course has ended with your own fully finished board, ready to skate board.

PPE gear is supplied in the form of an apron, gloves, and a dust mask. Snacks and drinks will be provided; please bring your own packed lunch.  The workshop ends at around 15:00.

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