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Bombela’s Ultimate Attempt | Minenkhulu Ngoyi

Bombela’s Ultimate Attempt | Minenkhulu Ngoyi

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Commission work by this artist and Crispy

Bombela’s Ultimate Attempt by Minenkhulu Ngoyi aerosol, acrylic, and charcoal - Favoring printmaking as his primary form of expression, Minenkulu Ngoyi is a Johannesburg-born artist, printmaker, publisher and ‘zinester.  A substantial amount of his artwork depicts his relationship with the Shembe way of life, an African-initiated baptist church founded by Isaiah Shembe, to which his family has a historical connection. Minenkulu is also active in South Africa's art scene, being involved in a number of exhibitions and designs that often offer social commentary. One such was Sonke One Man Can (2011), for which Minenkulu worked on a mural in Soweto promoting voluntary male circumcision. Minenkulu also constitutes one half of the artist duo Alphabet Zoo, teamed up with Mozambican creative Isaac Zavale. Together they host printing workshops and hope to organize the first ever Johannesburg ‘zinefest.

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