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Victoria's Other Secret | Felix Laband

Victoria's Other Secret | Felix Laband

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Commission work by this artist and Crispy

DJ CANDY LAND by Felix Laband, digital print on vinyl wrap 2014 - Felix’s talent for collage – both visually and sonically – is underpinned by a phrase he stated many years ago, that ‘copy and paste is my mantra’. His musical journey begins like any punk kid’s should; in a thrash band, in ‘95 in a barely democratic country relinquishing the chokehold held on it by evil fascists. Then, as any punk born in a fastly-futuristic, digital world with many things to say, might do – Felix’s left turn towards electronic music remains his most potent seat of creation. Like a South African version darting out from the Gods’ that forged Aphex Twin; in many ways, Felix is a seminal leader of electronic music in the country, and nothing will really ever change that. Even with bouts of absence from the scene, which we get to later, the melodic – wildly touching and igniting – Laband-esque soundscape ambiently stretch across from his debut album in 2001, Thin Shoes in June, to Deaf Safari in 2015 – as if he has always been here – his creativity unencumbered by personal struggles. Now, with a new album set to release – ‘The Soft White Hand’ – Felix offers Candice and I insight into the chamber of reflection that are his thoughts and feelings.

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