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Crispy Skateboards

Untitled | Alexander Milne

Untitled | Alexander Milne

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Commission work by this artist and Crispy

Untitled by Alexander Milne, mixed medium 2024 - "When I work, I want to capture as many misunderstandings of myself as possible, as well as my negotiations with them. My practice has always had a volatility to it, a byproduct of its adolescence. This volatility instills my work with the urgency to hit and run, while also taking my time to dissect the thing I just ran over. The constant cycle of experience and introspection is the main scaffolding of my work: I embrace my tendencies to recoil, escape and eventually have to negotiate with myself in the world. My work is primarily introspective and explorative of my identity, exploring themes of masculinity, violence, sexuality and interpersonal relationships/communities; romantic, patriarchal and social. I find the communication of multiple mediums and processes to be highly generative."

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